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Say Goodbye To Your Deodorant Hello To The Award-Winning Ocean!

Say Goodbye To Your Deodorant Woes & Hello Award-Winning Ocean! All-Natural Deodorant UK There’s a new girl on the block and she’s about to make you go crazy (for all the right reasons!). 18 months of testing has gone into creating our most premium effective natural deodorants yet. Meet, Ocean… After 18 months

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Natural Armpit Lightening

Natural Armpit Natural Antiperspirant If like me, conventional antiperspirants scorched your arm pits and left dark patches over the years, here are some very simple natural remedies to lighten the pit area. Learn more about Armpit Lightening in this blog! Most women face this issue at some point – this can be very

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Make The Switch all Natural Deodorant

Make The Switch Switching to Natural Deodorant Made Easy Switching to natural deodorant may cause initial rashes or reactions when the bacteria in your body exits through your sweat glands. If this happens, give your body enough time to adjust (usually about 1 week, but can be up to 2). Just know that

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