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Natural Deodorant Stick - 3 Pack

Natural Deodorant Stick - 3 Pack

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Elevate your daily freshness with this set of three natural deodorant sticks.

Crafted with skin-loving ingredients, these sticks offer long-lasting odour protection without harsh chemicals. Choose sustainability with our home compostable packaging.

3 x 72g

How to use

1 - Hold the stick on the armpit for a couple of seconds to melt.

2 - Swipe 1-2 times.

Do not apply to broken skin.

Use sparingly (Super concentrated formula, a little goes a long way).

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    Up to 48 Hour Protection

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    Compostable Packaging

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    Naturally vegan

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Make the switch

Elsa’s is, and will always be, 100% natural and 100% effective.

Protecting your pits from unwanted odours, our skin food keeps you smelling fresh whilst keeping our planet in mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I need to use?

The formula for Elsa's deodorant is super concentrated. You don't need to apply liberally. A light glaze works. A light glaze works well.

Is the deodorant sticky?

No, not at all

Switching from commercial deodorants?

There can be a bit of a transition period (which may have been what we were experiencing). So, how long does it take for one's body to get accustomed to the natural deodorant? "A transition time is normal. It varies person to person, but we would always recommend allowing around a month. This gives you a chance to assess how your body is adjusting to being allowed to breathe freely. See the Blog for arm-pit care help.

Can apply after shaving my underarms?

Underarm deodorant may not be applied after shaving as it may cause
irritation. However, the Sensitive can freely be used after shaving