Do You Sweat More on Your Period?

During your period, it’s likely that you’ll experience various changes to your body as a result of hormone fluctuations.

This could mean bloating, more spot-prone skin, or feeling more emotionally sensitive. But does having your period make you sweat more?

Sweating on your period

Period deodorant sweats

The short answer is it’s possible! Increased sweating is most likely to

occur just before your period as a part of PMS, but it isn’t uncommon

for this to spill into the time that you’re on your period. This is because

after you ovulate, your body’s levels of the hormone progesterone increase

which can cause a slight raise in your body temperature.

As progesterone levels increase, the amount of estrogen in your body decreases which can trigger your body.

It will release other hormones such as norepinephrine.

The release of these hormones can make your brain more sensitive to temperature changes, which could cause you to sweat more.


How to manage extra sweating on your period

If you sweat a little more than usual before or during your period. These tips might help you to keep feeling fresh and confident throughout the day:

Use deodorant that’s kind to your skin

When you feel a little more sweaty than usual, you might reach for your deodorant more regularly throughout the day.

By choosing a natural deodorant like Elsa’s, you’ll stay feeling fresher for longer and can top yourself up throughout the

day without releasing harsh chemicals onto your sensitive skin and into the air around you. Elsa’s sensitive deodorant is

especially great if you’re worried about causing irritation to your underarms!

Stay Hydrated

Sweating more means losing more water, so it’s a good idea to up your water intake to higher than usual leading up to

and throughout your period. Staying hydrated will keep you cool, boost your

energy levels, and nourish your skin.

Choose plastic free period products

work out with period elsas organicsDid you know that conventional period products are usually made from plastic,

perfumes and other synthetic materials?

These materials can cause increased sweating in your intimate areas as they

don’t allow your skin to breathe.

Switch plastic pads and tampons for organic and natural choices like Natracare period products.

The natural materials used will be gentler on skin, keeping you feeling fresh down there.

Wear light, loose clothes

Opt for looser outfits made of lighter materials when you’re feeling more sweaty than normal.

They’ll help you to stay cool and dry quickly if you do sweat through your clothes! Organic cotton

and linen are both breathable, natural textiles that are perfect for your more sweat-prone time of the month.

Switch up your bedding

Sweating more before and during your period could interfere with you getting a good night’s sleep,

which is especially essential at this time in your cycle. Reduce the risk of being woken up by night sweats

and swap out your usual duvet for a light sheet.

Do you sweat more on your period?

Tell us your go-to hack for keeping cool in the comments below!

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